Safe Events

The safety of everyone at our events is our paramount concern. We want all clients, attendees, staff and visitors to be secure. Our COVID-related guidelines are followed by our staff throughout every event. We are happy to share them with you. Please note that New York City requires proof of vaccination to attend or work at any indoor event. Click here for details about the Key to NYC vaccination requirements.

Ensuring Safe Events

During events:

  • We sanitize every event floor every 30 minutes. This includes frequently-touched surfaces like door handles.
  • We use 3M’s hospital-grade 5L disinfectant/germicide.
  • We sanitize all restrooms with the same.
  • We provide wall-mounted hand sanitizers in all restrooms and the entrance lobbies, as well as in our offices and staff rooms.
  • Our security team ensures the separation of foot traffic between designated entrances and exits. This means no intermingling of attendees arriving and leaving.
  • Our HVAC system features upgraded general surgery-grade filtration. Rated 13 on the MERV scale (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value), our filters control particles as small as 1.0–0.3 μm, including droplet nuclei.

We educate and trains all of our employees on all COVID-19 protocols and guidelines.

CDC Guidelines and Best Practices

We help our clients in every way possible to host their event safely and in accordance with CDC guidelines and best practices.

All guests, except for children under 3 years old, and staff should properly wear masks at all times.

Guests and staff should when practical maintain 6 feet of distance from each other.

Hand sanitizer must be applied when offered.

Banquet Events Strategic Taskforce

Metropolitan Pavilion is a member of the Banquet Events Strategic Taskforce (B.E.S.T.), New York event industry professionals representing all operational aspects of events. Its members include owners, general managers, and directors of food and beverage, catering and housekeeping of the top 30 venues and hotels in New York City. The members of B.E.S.T. have also consulted our valued creative partners including but not limited to audio/visual and entertainment technology providers, caterers, design & décor companies, event planners, security firms and rental companies.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our commitment to providing safe, successful events at Metropolitan Pavilion. We look forward to seeing you.