Public Art Fund: Spring Benefit & Auction

Art is meant to be experienced. It’s meant to evoke emotion and call us to action. Public Art FunPublicArtFund-LOGOd is known for their dynamic art fixtures across NYC and beyond. They push the limits on the conventional art scene by implementing art fixtures in the public spaces where the people already are. They bring the art directly to the masses rather than the traditional gallery that calls the masses to the gallery. The exhibits make people stop, pause and engage.

Their art exhibitions can be classified as living art. Since many of the pieces are interactive they stimulate engagement, endless creative photo opportunities and social media posts. Once set up in a public space the art awaits people to engage and interact with it and one another, and engage they do. The art is larger than life and simply unmissable taking on a life of its own within the public space that it’s positioned.

On Tuesday, April 19th, The Public Art Fund is bringing their work indoors for their annual benefit and auction at Metropolitan West. With an emphasis on recreating their inspirational and interactive exhibits from outdoors fused with a silent auction, dinner and after party it will be an art event nothing short of extraordinary.

The Public Art Fund continues to break the barriers behind the conventional art showcase and exhibit. They showcase the raw art exhibits where the people are — In front of bridges, monumental buildings, parks, squares and more. Their art exhibits immediately evoke a ‘pause reaction’ and a desire to look, engage and interact.

To learn more about the Public Art Fund and how you can contribute & view their dynamic art fixtures, visit their website here.